Business Consulting

We accept a variety of consulting projects, none is like the one before but all share the requirement to find executable solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems

AmeriConcept has completed many projects where clients initially stated that no one else could help us’ or 'so far we received only power points’…

Our approach is different, we believe in the power of persuasion and execution of strategies. Knowing that many projects can fail that had the right approach, but ultimately lacked executable action items. The best solution is often times overlooked, but yet simple. 

Management Consulting is people business, ..we also deal with machines such as computers and ipads, however ultimately any strategy has to be carried out by employees. Employees can only be successful and engaged if they unterstand their role, their impact and the requirements. AmeriConcept makes sure that all projects are designed and carried out with extreme care and under consideration of the human resource environment of the client. This unlocks ability from within and shortens the project lenght and enables the client to continue the strategies without continous external consultant involvement.

We like to stay forever, but isn’t a true consultant one that delivers a solution that the fixes the problem without continous need for more fixes?

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